Gluten free wrap (egg and dairy free)

Ingredients for 4 wraps:

- 50 gr rice flour,
- 40 gr buckwheat flour,
- 60 gr tapioca starch,
- pinch of salt,
- 1,5 dl water


Sieve the ingredients into a large baking bowl and beat well until smooth and lump free. Lightly grease a pancake pan or frying pan with a little oil. Heat until very hot and add a ladleful of batter so it evenly and thinly coats the base of the pan. Cook until set and lightly golden. Using a spatula and cook on the other side for approx 30 seconds.
It will be a bit hard, but after 5 minutes it becomes soft. I filled it with spicy roast chicken strips, cucumber, salad, onion, tomato. I made a sauce from coconut cream: 2dl coconut cream, 1 lemon juice, garlic powder and salt. Yummy!

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